NEC in Africa is proudly showcased

Demining in Mozambique

For the past three years ECS Associates, a NEC contract provider, has been working in partnership with CCQ International, a Mozambiquan company. CCQ International specialise in demining services (searching for and removal of landmines) and site preparation for, amongst others,  Sasol gas projects in the Temane and Pande Gas Fields. ECS Associates provides project management support, contract management, training and mentoring services to CCQ International.

Sadly, Mozambique land is still beset with landmines from the civil war. Prior to any infrastructure development, such as new gas development, the land must be cleared of dangers.

On the current demining project partnership the following is noteworthy: 

– We assisted CCQ International with the NEC Option A. This is a bidding strategy with a tender submission.

– Upon successful award of the tender we developed the Primavera programme and activity schedule compliant with Sasol’s requirements,

– We developed the health, safety, environmental and quality plans – all to Sasol’s standard.

– We developed and implemented project and contract management systems in collaboration with CCQ International.

– Provided NEC training to CCQ International employees.

The project is now in execution stage and we are happy to report: 

– CCQ’s recent Sasol HSE audit score was an outstanding 91%.

– The first project milestone, Transfer Line T1, was delivered two days ahead of schedule.

– No safety incidents have occurred, thus the RCR (Recordable Case Rate) score is zero – well ahead of the Sasol benchmark.

– The project is on budget.

Social Responsibility

Additionally, both ECS & CCQ are fully committed to social responsibility and the following initiatives are in progress: 

– Community landmine awareness programme is being rolled out.

– Support is being provided to local schools and orphanages in the Temane area.

– ECS continues to provide training and mentoring services to the employees of CCQ International.

This partnership, using NEC as the cornerstone, has continued to grow in success, with ECS Associates and CCQ International having capacity to support more infrastructure developments requiring land clearing and demining in Mozambique.  The success of this collaborative project strategy highlights that NEC in Africa is being successfully implemented.