Advice on and implementation of the most suitable engineering and construction contract strategies to support project objectives. We have a wide range of tools and practices for the establishment of alliances and partnering arrangements.

We assist with review of project and business processes and recommendations for improvements. Methodologies for increase of productivity in the engineering and construction environment.



We provide a contract drafting service for all NEC3 and NEC4 contracts based on templates we have developed over many years. The templates comply with NEC User Guides best practice and Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) regulations.

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Tthe service offering is focused on strategic advice, dispute resolution and training on the NEC, FIDIC, JBCC and GCC forms of contract. Services include risk management, claims management, adjudication, arbitration and mediation

Our focus is on Claims Avoidance and Dispute Resolution. We provide advice and assistance in contract administration to avoid claims and to achieve a win-win outcome for contracting parties.


Practical business solutions and advice for your business demands, allowing your business to flourish to the next level. Solutions are custom made to your unique business challenges and aspirations. We can assist with restructuring, performance enhancement, debt and capital raising, crisis management and change management.

We also incorporate, plan and deliver automation and digitalisation solutions that drive efficiencies and improve asset value.


We are the experts at all levels of risk management, i.e. Corporate Enterprise Risk Management (ERM), Infrastructure, (Sustainable) Energy, Oil & Gas, Mining, Property Development, Manufacturing, Services Industry and engineering/ construction projects.

We are specialists in Monte Carlo Simulation and advanced Excel modelling, which combined with visual basic programming can develop powerful models to calculate risk contingency with a high degree of accuracy.


Our unique mix of relevant resources, tools and methodologies allow us to continually and visually monitor our client’s project performance. We have established a detailed and rigorous reporting system that ensure clients are constantly aware of a project’s status.

Services include:  Detailed Planning and Scheduling, Physical Site Monitoring, Progress Measurement and Dashboard Reporting, Schedule Gap and Delay Analysis, Forecast Analysis using Integrated Time and Schedule Information, Time and Motion Studies, Simulation and Modelling, Forensic Planning

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We deliver leadership, development, strategy, and training to executives and  corporations.

Creating the learning architecture to transfer knowledge from an experienced  project management consultancy to our clients. Creating the knowledge transfer process; assessing capabilities of the client team and addressing gaps; implementing work shadowing, job rotation, mentoring and ether experiential learrning methods; measuring and monitoring progression. 


Support in winning new business and strategies for development and growth. Assistance with the financial management of projects and negotiating the best possible commercial position. Managing and coordinating activities between procurement, risk, finance and contract management.


Our team of experts offer advisory services on Government procurement, commercial, dispute resolution, quantum analysis, forensic technical analysis, disruption and delay claim advisory and independent third-party review analysis.

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We have access to a comprehensive range of experienced engineering, construction and project management professionals to assist our clients with their short to medium term assignments in support of project implementation, all through one point of contact. Our approach delivers long-term results and efficiency.

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We deliver leadership, development, strategy, and training to executives and  corporations.

Creating the learning architecture to transfer knowledge from an experienced  project management consultancy to our clients. Creating the knowledge transfer process; assessing capabilities of the client team and addressing gaps; implementing work shadowing, job rotation, mentoring and ether experiential learrning methods; measuring and monitoring progression. 


Control of costs is essential for all organisations when planning and undertaking capital projects. From pre-feasibility to project close-out, ECS safeguards its customers financial interests to ensure targeted returns on investment.

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Probity auditing has become an increasingly important aspect of major government infrastructure projects.  The supply of probity advice services has expanded considerably, as have the accountability expectations of government and associated institutions. Procurement must be conducted with probity best practice in mind to enable purchasers and suppliers to deal with each other on the basis of mutual trust and respect and enable business to be conducted reasonably, with integrity, and ethically.

The ECS team draws on its established expertise in project and contract management to ensure a transparent, ethical – and most importantly effective – procurement process. The procurement and delivery model blueprint developed by the ECS team, coupled with the mix of expertise and combined years of experience, results in a procurement process that conforms to the highest standards of probity, and in which clear procedures that are consistent with Government policies and legislation are established and understood.


ECS offers bespoke courses as an ideal entry point for managers and teams who want to quickly understand this subject area and/or find a route into creative and innovative problem solving.

Design Thinking is a method for practical, creative resolution of problems. It is a form of solution-based thinking with the intent of producing a constructive future result.

Design Thinking is about solving problems to create products service solutions. It is concerned with developing a deep understanding of human needs, wants and desires through ethnographic research and close observation.

Design Thinking embodies a collection of methods and tools for inventive problem solving. It can be used to generate commercial products and services of the type that then might be developed within an Innovation Management framework and brought to market, or used to enhance existing business practices.

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We utilize the following Society of Construction Law Methods when involved with Forensic Delay Analysis: Impacted as Planned; Time Impact Analysis; Time Slice; Window Analysis; As-Planned vs As-Built in Windows; Longest Path Analysis; Collapsed As-Built Analysis.

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We are exclusive regional supplier of hard copy NEC documents and guidance manuals. We have enjoyed this premier relationship with the institution of Civil Engineers of London for over 20 years as we are regarded as the premier NEC experts in the region.

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The standard forms of construction contracts in South Africa recognizes Amicable Settlement Techniquesas formal procedures for the parties to the construction contract to have their disputes resolved.

ECS Associates facilitates the process in such a way that the disputing parties
are brought together and will still be able to work together after the dispute has been settled.

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Providing delegates with the best possible training experience

the market leader

The NEC system has become the market leader in contracts for the procurement of works services and supply.  However before compiling, tendering to or administering an NEC contract it is essential to undergo training. 

NEC documents have been designed to incorporate the principles of modern project management which if applied correctly ensure both client and supplier of the best possible outcome from their procurement activity. NEC contracts are different to the more traditional contracts being drafted as a set of procedures for the management of time, cost and quality which are to be carried out by role players named in the contract.

Training in the understanding and application of those management procedures is an essential pre-requisite to their effective application. With Andrew Baird being one of the original NEC system designers and a member of the NEC drafting Panel since inception he is in the unique position of being able to provide delegates with the best possible training experience.

We have been awarded NEC Commercial Partner status by ICE-UK for delivery in Southern Africa of NEC’s accredited training programmes.


ECS has been providing mainly in house training on NEC contracts throughout southern Africa and Europe since 1996 with excellent feedback from thousands of delegates who have attended. We offer training in two or one day modules ranging from a general introduction to the complete NEC3 system of contracts and the flagship NEC3 Engineering and Construction Contact (ECC3) to detailed ‘on job’ one day workshops on the main procedures within the ECC3 and one or two day training events on the other contracts in the NEC3 family.

We will soon be able to offer clients access to on line delegate awareness testing for the contracts they have been trained on which will generate random questions and immediate results on completion. ECS is an approved CPD Provider in terms of the Engineering Council of South Africa requirements and most of our events qualify for 2 or 1 day CPD credits.

Please contact us for a detailed proposal which we will tailor to your specific organisation or project requirements.