‘Dysfunctional’ EPC contracts a threat to the infrastructure boom.


According to an article written by Oliver Probert for Rail Express, published July 10, 2019  – ‘Dysfunctional’ EPC contracts are a threat to the infrastructure boom. article

The old school engineering, procurement and construction contract model is driving costs sky high on projects with at least a quarter way over budget. There is a call away from the traditional confrontational and disputable EPC model towards Alliance-based collaborative models for mega projects.

Challenges are to be expected on mega projects, which run over years and with various stakeholders.  Problems end up being litigious rather than synergic resolution,  keeping stakeholders isolated as opposed to cooperative. Cohesion and shared responsibility creates the ‘identify-and-fix-first’ approach, thereby avoiding delays and budget over spend.

ECS Associates, with its continued focus on collaborative project strategies, is ideally placed to support a fruitful turnaround on mega projects. collaborative project strategies