Procurement Practices Solutions reliably delivered by ECS Associates

NEC suite of documents

Procurement Practices Solutions have been delivered by ECS Associates in the Engineering and Construction Sectors for over a quarter of a century.

We are proud to have both Andrew Baird on our executive team. Andrew formed part of the original drafting team of the NEC system as noted in each NEC document, and served on the drafting committee of the expanded NEC suite of contracts for 17 years.

Additionally, in our team we have Mr Peter Higgins, who is the Chair of the NEC4 Contract Board, who has played a pivotal role in assisting the UK construction industry to move towards the collaborative contracting model.

We have a host of other professional within our ranks to assist both Clients and Contractors to move beyond the current adversarial procurement practices to a collaborate procurement solutions that provides more value for money, less claims and frustration.

In addition to Procurement Practices Solutions, we provide top level practical training and development courses in NEC project management, collaborative contracting, forensic planning, claims management, mitigation and avoidance and procurement arrangements.

Andrew Baird

Mr Peter Higgins