We utilize the following Society of Construction Law Methods when involved with Forensic Delay Analysis: Impacted as Planned; Time Impact Analysis; Time Slice; Window Analysis; As-Planned vs As-Built in Windows; Longest Path Analysis; Collapsed As-Built Analysis.

• Extension of Time Analysis utilizing the following Society of Construction Law Methods:

Impacted as Planned
Time Impact Analysis
Time Slice Window Analysis
As-Planned vs As-Built in Windows
Longest Path Analysis
Collapsed As-Built Analysis

• Disruption Analysis

• 4D, 5D & BIM Visualisation of Delays (As-Plan vs As-Built comparison)

• Claims Advisory

• Forensic Report Composition in support of Expert Witness Services

• Project Control Services

Project Planning
Progress Updating
Programme Repair
WBS & Project Set-up
4D & 5D schedule integration