ECS Associates experts proudly assist CCQ International

CCQ International Mine Clearing

Project management and contract management services by ECS Associates have been retained by CCQ International to provide for their debusing and demining works at the new Sasol gas wells in Temane and Pande, Mozambique. contract management CCQ International

Specifically, ECS Associates will provide planning support, health, safety and quality management and training together with NEC contract management and support.

Sasol intend to explore an area of over 3,000km² in southern Mozambique, and is also part of a successful bid to explore an area of 5,145km² further north in the Angoche Basin. Mozambique has become a hotbed of investor activity after one of the largest gas finds in the world’s recent history located offshore in the Rovuma basin, near the Tanzanian border.

About 20% of the gas Sasol produces in Mozambique is used for power generation there. The balance mainly feeds into an 860km pipeline to the company’s Secunda plant in SA, where it is used in its production processes. Sasol is also looking at the feasibility of pipeline to move gas from Rovuma to SA.

CCQ International are recognised experts in the field of debushing and demining for land acquisitions holding various awards including 2012 Award for On Time Successful Project Completion by SASOL. Founded in 1999 by Bakir Lozane and with a team of locally trained experts they have become aworld class authority on demining and debusihg. They hold impeccable credentials including Zero Accident Record During Mine Clearance Operations and have successfully concluded many contracts for major players in the gas exploration and mining sectors. These include Anandarko, Sasol and United Nations.

Not only has their growth in business provided much needed employment in poverty stricken Mozambique but also creating safe community spaces such as landmine free roads for travel.

ECS Associates are proud to be providing project management and contract management services.

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