ECS offers bespoke courses as an ideal entry point for managers and teams who want to quickly understand this subject area and/or find a route into creative and innovative problem solving.

Design Thinking:

  • is a method for practical, creative resolution of problems. It is a form of solution-based thinking with the intent of producing a constructive future result.
  • is about solving problems to create products service solutions. It is concerned with developing a deep understanding of human needs, wants and desires through ethnographic research and close observation.
  • embodies a collection of methods and tools for inventive problem solving. It can be used to generate commercial products and services of the type that then might be developed within an Innovation Management framework and brought to market, or used to enhance existing business practices.
  • employs an adaptive approach to solution development – it is Agile. Design Thinking is ‘experimental’ in the sense that solutions are discovered by developing rapid prototypes (normally called ‘experiments’) and then improving them through fast and collaborative iteration.

It is important to emphasise – Design Thinking is not ‘about design’. It is not overly concerned with the history of art and design or what constitutes ‘a good design’ – ‘design’ as a noun. It is about ‘design’ as a verb; it is a practical, knowledge and skills-based, methodological approach to problem solving.